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  • Waste plastic recycling equipment
  • Shredder, Crusher, Agglomerator
  • Extruder & Extrusion Line
  • Mixer & Pulverizer


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    Extruder & Extrusion Line

    PE pipe 20-110 extruder product line
    PE pipe 20-110 extru…
    315 Three-claw haul-off
    315 Three-claw haul-…
    Three-claw haul-off
    Three-claw haul-off
    180 two-claw haul-off
    180 two-claw haul-of…
    two-claw haul-off
    two-claw haul-off
    traction machine
    traction machine
    Tow claw haul-off
    Tow claw haul-off
    PVC Pipe Extrusion Line(double pipe outlet)
    PVC Pipe Extrusion L…
    PP-R, PE-RT, PE-X Cool & Hot water pipe production line
    PP-R, PE-RT, PE-X Co…
    HDPE Pipe Extrusion Line
    HDPE Pipe Extrusion …
    Large Diameter HDPE Water Supply and Gas Supply Pipe Extrusion Line
    Large Diameter HDPE …
    Conical twin screw extruder
    Conical twin screw e…
    Single-screw extruder
    Single-screw extrude…
    PVC Marble Profile Production Line
    PVC Marble Profile P…
    PVC Profile Extrusion Line
    PVC Profile Extrusio…
    Wood-Plastic Profile Extrusion Line
    Wood-Plastic Profile…