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    How the plastic agglomerator makes the plastic film, bags into plastic recycling granules?

    Author: ComeFrom: Date:2022/4/17 20:03:02 Hits:45

    The waste plastic is feed into the machine pot body
    → By high speed rotating blade and fixed blade shearing action, the material is cut into small pieces
    →Under the centrifugal force of the rotary cutter, the cutting small pieces material flow along the wall of the 

    pots in the centrifugal force of rotating knife disc along the inner wall of the pot body surface flow
    → at the same time, the material flip up and down, from the periphery to the pot body center direction.
    Due to the friction between the material itself and the high speed friction between the agglomerator pot wall and blades, 

    which can produce a lot of friction heat. 

    The temperature of the material increased rapidly and reached to the semi plasticized, mutual adhesion into small pieces.

    → Before the material will be caking, spray quantitative water into the material. 

    Cold water meet hot materials, rapid gasification, which can take the material surface heat, so that the material surface rapid cooling to prevent caking.
    → And crushing effect of the blade and the fixed blade between the particles become large (chopped Small irregular pellets).
    In the process of cutting, user can also mix color with the plastic material.

    This plastic agglomerator machine can produce plastic pellets for direct extrusion machines, injection molding machine.

    The agglomerating material can be also feed into extruder granulating pelletizing line for making granules.

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